Slovenian holidays, 2015

Slovenia: it's a small world

If you were to scrunch up the world and squeeze all the goodness into one place... that's Slovenia. Mountains, seaside, rivers, lakes, forests, meadows, human-sized cities, karst and plains to look at and play in. Fine dining, rustic cuisine, wines, beers, schnapps and the clearest water to devour and quaff.

We'll build a perfect Slovenia holiday, just for you: we'll find the hotels, restaurants, activities, shopping and wines that will make this one of your most unforgettable holidays. Take a look at some ideas...



We specialise in making individual holidays for our customers. Unlike package deals, we make each itinerary exactly for you, so that...

It costs you less:

You don't have to pay a premium for any special arrangements we make with our suppliers.

You get the very best:

We know the best hotels, chefs, wine makers, activity companies, designers... the best.

And they will make you the best holiday.

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