Celebrating Ljubljana Pink Week

We have just had a fab time at the Brussels Pride shebang and thought it was about time we lent some support to Slovenia's equivalent, Ljubljana Pride. We don't have any spare cash to chuck around for 'promotions' - but as the whole idea is that everyone should be treated equally, we guarantee that whoever you want to have sex with, you'll be treated exactly the same as all of our customers.

Plus, we have a nice shiny pink logo!

Slovenia holidays 2015

We'll build a perfect Slovenia holiday, just for you: we'll find the hotels, restaurants, activities, shopping and wines that will make this one of your most unforgettable holidays. Browse through our hand-picked hotels, take a look below at the suggested itineraries... or just send us an enquiry now and let us do the work!


Since we began Slovene Dream, we have specialised in making individual Slovenia holidays for our customers. Unlike travel companies that offer package deals, we make each itinerary exactly for you, which means two amazing things:

It costs you less: you don't have to pay a premium for any special arrangements we make with our suppliers.

You get the very best: because we're snobs, we only offer the very best (that is, at any level - we have the best tourist farms in Slovenia for instance!); we know the best chefs, the best wine makers, the best activity companies, the best designers... the best.

That's why we're called Slovene Dream.

Slovenia is justly famous for being one of Europe's great activity holiday destinations. We expect most of our guests to participate in at least something vaguely energetic, but here is an idea for an itinerary that should have you pumped and ready for another go at 'real life'...

Adrenalin Rush

Slovenia Holdays: Adrenalin RushTen nights half board in two of our favourite hotels at Lake Bohinj and the Soča Valley. From near the lake you'll take cable car to Mount Vogel, boat tour on the lake and horse riding on Icelandic ponies. Following a ride on the car train over to the Soča valley you'll get to do river sports, ziplining and ride Lipizzaner horses - all surrounded by the most beautiful scenery in the world. Read more...

For those of you who like a little bit of everything, Slovenia is just the place. Below are three itinerary ideas that we like to call...

Splish Splash Nom Nom


Slovenia Holdays:  Splish Splash Nom Nom BronzeSpend a week introducing yourself to the wonders of Slovenia. A few days splashing and thrashing around on (and in) the beautiful Soča river - kayaking, canyoning, ziplining - and the nights in the family-owned Hvala hotel. Some of Slovenia's nicest restaurants are in town, so restocking calories will not be a problem. Then it's off to the idyllic Šeruga tourist farm, secluded in the verdant Dolenjska countryside. Plenty more to see and do, including castles, spas and monasteries. Read more...


Kendov DvorecSeven nights split between two of Slovenia's finest hotels - both of which are set in some of Europe's finest scenery. After careering around the canyons and the river of the Soča valley, you'll stay in the seriously funky Dobra Vila... only to be whisked off to Topli Val and Hiša Franko to dine on successive nights. Then it's off to Idrija and Kendov Dvorec, a charming hotel that manages to be both elegant and relaxed. There'll also be a wine tasting in the Vipava valley, and dinner at Zemono. Read more...


La SubidaSeven nights split between two of Slovene Dream's finest hotels, days filled with river sports, wine tastings and stunning scenery, two whole countries (yes, you'll be in Italy too), six - yes, six - tasting menus, including the Michelin starred La Subida, where you'll be staying on the second half of your stay. The first half will be at Nebesa, which is Slovenian for 'Heaven'. 'Nuff said. Read more...

Probably one of the most exciting wine nations in the world, Slovenia has transformed itself from the socialist plonk producer of yore (the seventies, that is) to the font of cutting edge wine maker that it is today.

Within its main wine regions you'll find deeply traditional techniques, machismo maceration and everything in between.

Each of our suggested wine tours covers most types of wine - it's the accommodation and cuisine that changes...

Wine Tour (Bronze)

Sampling Slovenia's wines on a budget

Wine tour (Bronze)You'll spend ten nights in family-owned hotels and tourist farms, taking in two completely different wine regions and the capital, Ljubljana.

Included will be five traditional dinners, but more importantly, six wine tastings, where you'll have the opportunity to sample some of the most exciting wines in Europe. Read more...

Wine Tour (Silver)

A fine cuvée of wines, cuisine and comfort

Wine Tour (Silver)You'll be staying ten nights in some of our most popular accommodation in Goriška Brda, Ljubljana and Štajerska. Taking in some of Slovenia's finest scenery on the way, you'll dine on three traditional meals, plus two tasting menus at Hiša Franko and Tramšek (including local transfers - don't want you drink-driving on a wine road!)

Oh, and six tastings at some fine wineries, of course. Read more...

Wine Tour (Gold)

If Bacchus went on holiday, he'd probably do this

Wine Tour (Gold)This is a twelve night trip for four of you, as the first stay will be at Alma Vista, which accommodates two couples in the finest style. While taking in the wines, cuisine and sights of Goriška Brda, you'll make a foray into Italy to sample the delights of the Michelin-starred restaurant at La Subida.

Then it's across to Croatian Istria and the quite wonderful San Rocco, where you'll dine on truffles, sample fine wines and luxuriate in the hotel's excellent spa facilities.

Bogdan at Kendov DvorecA complete change of scene again takes you north into Slovenia's Idrijan hills and the relaxed elegance that is Kendov Dvorec, where they have a fine kitchen and a wine cellar to match. From here you'll delve into the Vipava valley to taste more wines, and dine at probably Slovenia's most famous restaurant, Zemono.

Finally, you'll head off east to Prekmurje and the Jeruzalem hills, staying at the quirky-but-luxury Sun House, dining at more fine restaurants and tasting the best of Slovenia's whites and sparkles.

Phew.

From what's written in travel magazines, travel agent websites and by the country's very own tourist board, you'd forgiven for thinking that food is something you use in Slovenia in order to keep alive while you're gazing at the scenery.

Let us take you on a journey that will having you boring the pants off everyone when you get back, regaling them with tales of comestibles that have - so far - slipped under the tyre company's radar (because the tyre company doesn't 'do' Slovenia.

Here are two itinerary ideas to get you salivating...

Eats - West

A feast for the eyes, as well as for the soul

Eats - West: a gastronomic tour of western SloveniaA fourteen night tour taking in the west of the country - Bled(ish), Soča Valley, Goriška Brda, a dip into Italy's Collio, the Vipava valley and finally Ljubljana. You'll being staying in some of our finest hotels and dining on seven tasting menus in some of our finest restaurants.

Where appropriate, we'll arrange transfers so you can indulge yourself without a subsequent introduction to Slovenia's finest.

You'll also get a cooking lesson from one of the top chefs in the country... so you can back up your stories with actual evidence! Read more...

East is Eats

A fourteen night culinary tour of eastern Slovenia

East is EatsThe most gorgeous valley in the world? Who knows, but Logarska Dolina's vivid beauty tales some getting used to, so a few nights at Raduha will help. As well as dining on her fine cuisine, Martina will give you a cookery lesson and plenty of insights into the region's gastronomy.

Next in your fourteen night tour is the exemplary Sončna Hiša, a modern yet relaxed boutique hotel in the foody heaven of Prekmurje. A couple of tasting menus later and it's south to the rolling hills of Dolenjska, where you'll be staying at the idyllic Šeruga tourist farm (or the fairy tale castle of Otočec, depending on your budget).

Then it's time to invade Croatian Istria - specifically the little town of Brtonigla, overlooking the Adriatic - to stay at one of our favourites: San Rocco. Even if it wasn't for the truffles, the cuisine here has star quality - as have the rooms, wellness facilities and swimming pool: bliss all in one place!

Finally, it's back into Ljubljana and the Cubo Hotel, from where you'll sample the capital's delights, including dinner at its most famous restaurant, Gostilna As. Read more...


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