About Slovene Dream

Why Slovene Dream exists, in a nutshell: we always wanted more holiday from our holidays. So that's what we try to do for you.


The year after we were married at Pristava Lepena, we arranged another wedding there, for our best man and about 80 guests from the UK.

While talking with the owners, Milan and Silvia, they suggested that we should set up a business specialising in Slovenia.

It took another few years for the seed of the idea to grow (and for us to get fed-up with our careers), but in 2004 we took the first steps towards our Slovene Dream.

From the beginning, our hotels have always been chosen in the same way: we stay in them, we eat their food and talk to their management and staff, and if we like 'em, we book 'em. That way, you know absolutely that if we recommend a hotel, we bloody well mean it. Just as importantly, our hotels regard us a friends and partners, and our relationship ensures you get the very best out of them... while they get the very best customers out of us.

Another thing that occurred to us when we were setting up the business was, of course, "What would we want from a travel company?"

Or, more specifically, what is it that we want more of from our holiday? The obvious answer was, "More holiday!"

How many times have you been on holiday, and only found the 'right' beach/restaurant/carpark/shop/etc on day four? Even worse is meeting someone who's been to the same place as you, and having to hear them going on and on about the fabulous beach/restaurant/carpark/shop/etc that you completely missed.

Bob Burgher

So that's what we're here for: to give you more holiday.

We sincerely hope and trust that when you visit this gem of a country, you'll return home with a huge grin. And when you do, please tell us about it. And we'll carry on telling the rest of the world.

An end to democracy

You will not find any way of adding your comments directly to this website.

But we do care very much about what you think, so please get in touch and let us know.

We will do our best to engage with you directly, listen to your praise, concerns and issues, and then do something positive about it - including letting our hoteliers know.

However, when it comes to content for the Slovene Dream website, as Lord Vetinari would have it, "One man, one vote."

I'm the man and I get the vote.