Things to do and see in Slovenia

Activities and sports

If the Disney boys and girls had visited Slovenia first, they wouldn't have bothered with Disney Land. Here you will find everything you need to get your heart racing, your muscles aching and your appetite up.

We can put together an adrenalin-filled holiday for you that covers just about every outdoor activity possible. Here's a suggested itinerary that should get your pulse quickened...

Adrenalin Rush

Kayaking on the river Soča

Ten nights half board in two of our favourite hotels at Lake Bohinj and the Soča Valley. From near the lake you'll take the cable car to Mount Vogel, a boat tour on the lake and horse riding on Icelandic ponies. Following a ride on the car train over to the Soča Valley you'll get to do river sports, ziplining, ride Lipizzaner horses and take a short flight to see what it all looks like from above - it's some of the most beautiful scenery in the world... whichever way you look at it. Read more...

Around Slovenia

Of course, the locals indulge themselves with everything on offer, and the excellent activity companies all grew from local people gaining years of experience, lots of training, and then wanting to pass it on to others.

All of our hotels have very good relationships with the activity companies, so if you've a mind to hurtle down a canyon or clippety-clop on a horsey, just ask.

Trenta Information CentreThe TNP is river deep and mountain high, providing oodles of ways to get you knackered. If you're in the vicinity of Trenta, a good place to ask is at the Information Centre: a purpose-built alpine building nestling at the north end of the valley.


Triglav National Park Information Centre (Website: TNP)
Dom Trenta
5232, Trenta
Tel: 05 388 9330

RaftingWhat's the point in having a river as beautiful as the Soča if you can't splash around in it?
Borut Nikolas of Maya has the short answer, which is, "None." He also has the long answer, which is that they can arrange kayaking, white water rafting, canyoning, hydrospeed... basically, if it's dangerous and gets you wet, Borut is your man in Tolmin.

Padlih Borcev 1,
5220 Tolmin
Tel: 05 381 0060

However, if you're in Bovec, you should check these guys out:

Bovec Rafting Team
Mala vas 106
5230 Bovec
Tel: 05 388-61-28

Soča Rafting
Trg golobarskih žrtev 14,
5230 Bovec
Tel: 05 3896 200

Then again, you might be in Kobarid:

Positive Sport
Markova ulica 2
5222 Kobarid

X Point
Trg Svobode 6
5222 Kobarid
05 388 53 08

As well as wet, all of the above do dry too. So if you want to go hiking, biking, trekking or just plain ambling, ask.

Golf in BledJust so's you know, the locals in Bled refer to the tourists as ice-hokey players. It's because they all have sticks.

Having said that, some of us who visit are well under ninety, and there are plenty of activites on offer so that we can prove it, including climbing, caving, paragliding, biking, various river sports and plenty of stuff to keep you warm in the winter. Go here:

Pac Sports
Ribčev laz 50
4265 Bohinjsko jezero
Tel: 041 698 523

If you fancy getting on an Icelander's back following the banking debacle, the Mrcina Ranch as perfect (they have a whole flock, er - school, um - bunch of Icelandic horses, here:

Ranč Mrcina
Call Robi on: 041 790 297

For something a little more strenuous:

Life Adventures
Grajska 4
Tel: +386 40 50 88 53

And for cycling:

Trubarjeva cesta 8
4260 Bled
Tel: 04 576 5604

So there you are, kicking your heals in the city, wishing you could get rid of a few of those ice cream kilos... if only there were an activity centre nearby... yeah, like you could get away with it:

Rafting, kayaking and biking at...

Marinovseva 8
1000 Ljubljana
Tel: 01 512 44 02

LjubljanaPlenty of biking, walking and hiking trails can be found on the Ljubljana website... as can many other things.

Skiing!!! Slovenia boasts the nearest ski resort to an international airport: Krvavec (thanks Dan Bendall - you've been going on and on about it for so long that I just had to shut you up). What's more, it's only 35 minutes from the centre of Ljubljana, so you can ski during the day and get civilised during the evening.

Fishing on the KrkaPlenty to do in Dolenjska, but we're afraid that the locals have not got around to presenting their websites to us in English.

Still, if you're after golf, horse riding, river sports and fishing, just ask at one of our places: Šeruga, Otočec, Vitarium, Balnea or Posestvo Pule.

Kranjska GoraHappily, the rather awful HIT group has had a bad time of it recently, and their excerable casino hotels are finding it difficult to keep going (they say otherwise... but I wouldn't bet on it).

The lovely Hiša Neža in town, or the Vitranc around the corner in Podkoren are fine examples to the money-men of how to do it: provide comfortable, cosy and beautiful accommodation and make your guests feel wanted. The mountains are fab, whether covered in snow or summer meadows.

Pony and trap race, LjutomerThe Goričko Nature Park is made up of beautiful, sprawling grasslands, verdant forests, wetlands, orchards and vineyards up in the north east of Slovenia - also shared with cross-border parks of Austria and Hungary. The landscape is perfect for trekking and biking... or just getting close to nature.

Sadly, their website appears to be dysfunctional. Unfunctional. Not working.

As for Štajerska, what you really need to know about is The Sun House and Hlebec.

Wetting your appetite...

  • River sports: kayaking, white water rafting, hydrospeed, canyoning... swimming
  • Fishing
  • Tandem paragliding and gliding above the mountains
  • Mountain biking and trail riding
  • Skiing
  • Caving and potholing
  • Hiking and trekking
  • Trail riding on Lipizzaner horses
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • All of this and more is available for kids too