Dream Hotels in Slovenia

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So what makes a Slovene Dream hotel?

As we always explain every time we meet the owners or managers of new hotels, if it's a Slovene Dream hotel, it has to be the best of its kind. Not the most expensive, or the most exclusive or even the biggest. And when we say 'best', it means by our standards (a certain five star hotel was slightly agrieved when we said they weren't good enough for us!).

So we have modern boutique hotels, traditional alpine hotels, tourist farms, a few self catering and a glamp.

We don't have any specifically 'business' hotels, no casinos, no seventies socialist throw-backs and no chains.

Our portfolio changes as time goes on, with several new additions almost every year. But like I said, the core of our business means that we must be able to stand next to any one of our accommodations, or our reputation will falter. There have been a number of hotels that have fallen short of the standards we require over the years.

Because we're snobs and we're proud of it!

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How we choose our hotels

The very core of Slovene Dream's business is to ensure that you get to stay in the very best accommodations in the country. In order to choose places for our portfolio, we visit, stay, meet the staff and management, taste the food, swim in the pool, tramp in the snow... whatever it takes to find out whether they meet our standards.

Thereafter, we monitor our customers' feedback, and pass on any praise or gripes to the hotel: if it's praise, we hope they carry on the same; if it's a gripe, we work with them to put it right.

We regularly visit, chew the fat (sometimes literally), talk over improvements and have a drink or two.

That's it really.