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Bohinj Park Hotel

Proof that new hotels can be built in Slovenia that manage to combine environmental friendliness, luxurious comfort, outstanding scenery and jolly good food.

Guest room
Guest room



All rooms, from the lowliest Double to the loftiest Presidential share the same standard of decor and furnishing (there's just more of it in the larger rooms/suites). The beds are proper European sizes (not miniscule UK ones) and feature excellent mattresses and bed linen. There is plenty of luggage space and the bathrooms are roomy, slick and functional. You'll also get bathrobes and slippers, a large LCD TV (not a fan of tellies in hotels, myself) and a fast internet connection.

We guarantee the best rates offered by the hotel, at any time of the year.
Dates 08/01 - 24/06; 19/08 - 25/12 24/06 - 19/08; 25/12 - 08/01/16
Rooms Double Single use Double Single use
Double, no balcony 167 116 189 132
Double with balcony 189 132 212 148
Luxury suite 253 177 275 193
Exclusive suite 455 336 512 359
Presidential suite 512 512 626 626
Price includes Buffet breakfast, daily cleaning, daily linen/towel change, access to pools and sauna, bathrobe, wi-fi.
Price excludes Tourist tax: Adults, 1.50; Children: 0.75
Minimum Stay Two nights
Booking confirmation
  • We will inform you once we receive confirmation of availability from the hotelier, requesting that you either accept or decline the reservation details within 24 hours.
  • If you need longer (while waiting for airline tickets for instance), please let us know and we will do all we can to accommodate you.
  • The reservation for each individual accommodation and/or full itinerary will be finalised once you received an email from us indication the the booking is confirmed.
Payment and Deposit We require no deposit, and the full balance for your stay will be payable on departure from your hotel. However, please note:
  • Our hoteliers and accommodation suppliers sometimes require a deposit to secure a booking. If this is the case, we will put them in direct contact with you in order that they can arrange payment.
  • Should you want to take advantage of current exchange rates, you may pay full price (for accommodation only) in advance. Again, if this is the case, we will put them in direct contact with you in order that they can arrange payment.
We - Slovene Dream - do not accept any payment on behalf of the hotels and accommodation suppliers we represent.
Cancellation You will be notified of the hotel's cancellation policy when you confirm your booking.

In brief...


Price/night per: room

Euros: 167 - 616

Minimum stay: 2 nights

Wellness centre

Spa facilities

Bowling alley


Gardens nearby

Amazing scenery

ECO stuff (and no nonsense)

AC and central heating

Shower or bath

Hair dryer

Heated towel rack




Mini bar



Wire and wireless internet






River sports

Mountain sports

Winter sports




Ljubljana: 50 min

Trieste: 140 min

Klagenfurt: 50 min

Venice: 180 min

Zagreb: 130 min


Lake Bled: 20 min

Postojna: 60 min

River Soča: 50 min

Ljubljana: 60 min

In the summer, shorts, frocks, T-shirts, sandals (or sturdy shoes or boots if you're off walking), something warmer for the evenings and something waterproof in case it rains. In winter: wrap up!

More than welcome. Lots to do in the area, whether it involves river deep or mountain high... or a bit of splashing in the pool and hopping, skipping and jumping around and about.

Bohinj Park Hotel is open all year.

Summers are warm - July and August are the hottest months, with daytime temperatures around 25C, while during spring and autumn you can expect around 15-20C.
Winters can be very cold indeed, with deep snow sometimes between December and March.

Slovenian, English

Bohinj Park Hotel, Lake Bohinj

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