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Hiša Franko, Kobarid, Soča Valley

The cool, stylish rooms where you can sleep off some of Europe's greatest cooking make up one of Slovenia's gems.

Guest room balconies
Guest room balconies



Each of the ten rooms is individually styled. And something like the same attention to detail you find in the cooking is mirrored in the rooms. The decor manages to be both modern and soothing: the perfect place to start or end your day in Slovenia. All rooms sleep two people, but extra beds can be provided for couples with small children.

There are now three extra little 'Diddy' rooms: as long as all you need is a place to rest your weary head (and legs, probably), they're just the job. They even have little balconies, by the way.


Fantastic - you stay in a great hotel and the best restaurant for miles is in the same building. All produce is organic and grown locally, the wine is chosen by a master (only a small 'm' so far) and the water spills from the spring behind the house. The cooking can best be described as Modern Slovene - taking traditional recipes and refining them into something new, extremely tasty and very wholesome.

Ana and her chefs
Ana and her chefs


The restaurant is proof indeed that the world just ain't fair. Travel and food writers from far and wide have visited Slovenia, but the Man from Michelin always gives it a wide berth (or girth). Just sit and look at these images - bet you can't do it without salivating! - and tell us Ana's cooking doesn't deserve at least one little starlet.

Note that apart from July and August, the restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (a Slovene thing), but breakfast is still available (and very, very good: the locally cured bacon is soooo good).

We guarantee the best rates offered by the hotel, at any time of the year.
Room Price/night
La Sagesse (massage bath) 135
Moja Afrika (shower) 120
Bela Soba (shower and terrace) 130
Soba Zelenega Čaja (shower and terrace) 130
Sanjska Soba (massage bath) 135
Sončna Soba (shower and terrace) 130
Natura (shower) 120
Soba Malega Princa (shower) 120
Med Nebom in Zemljo (massage bath and terrace) 148
Spanje v Travi (massage bath and terrace) 148
Simple room in the Yellow House 90
Price includes Breakfast, daily cleaning, daily linen/towel change.
Price excludes Tourist tax: Adults, 1.27 euros/day. Children: 0.64 euros/day.
Children Baby cot: 7/night
Extra beds (depending on the room) 21 (breakfast included)
Minimum Stay Two nights
  • Basic: 15
  • Full Franko: 20
Picnic basket containing amuse gaule, cheeses, fruits, water and wine for lunch for 2 persons 35
Mountain bike rental/day 7
Booking confirmation
  • We will inform you once we receive confirmation of availability from the hotelier, requesting that you either accept or decline the reservation details within 24 hours.
  • If you need longer (while waiting for airline tickets for instance), please let us know and we will do all we can to accommodate you.
  • The reservation for each individual accommodation and/or full itinerary will be finalised once you received an email from us indication the the booking is confirmed.
Payment and Deposit We require no deposit, and the full balance for your stay will be payable on departure from your hotel. However, please note:
  • Our hoteliers and accommodation suppliers sometimes require a deposit to secure a booking. If this is the case, we will put them in direct contact with you in order that they can arrange payment.
  • Should you want to take advantage of current exchange rates, you may pay full price (for accommodation only) in advance. Again, if this is the case, we will put them in direct contact with you in order that they can arrange payment.
We - Slovene Dream - do not accept any payment on behalf of the hotels and accommodation suppliers we represent.
Cancellation You will be notified of the hotel's cancellation policy when you confirm your booking.

In brief...


Price/night per: Room

Euros: 96 - 135

Minimum stay: 2

World-class restaurant


Fine wines



Individually designed

Central heating




Bubbly-bath in some






River sports


Wine tasting

Mountain sports

Winter sports


Ljubljana: 140 min

Trieste: 110 min

Klagenfurt: 90 min

Venice: 160 min

Zagreb: 200 min


Lake Bohinj: 90 min

Postojna: 120 min

River Soča: 5 min

Ljubljana: 140 min

In the summer, shorts, frocks, T-shirts, sandals (or sturdy shoes or boots if you're off walking), something warmer for the evenings and something waterproof in case it rains. In winter: wrap up!

More than welcome.

The hotel is open all year, but restaurant is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the colder months.

You might be in the mountains, but the Soča Valley is warmed by winds blowing up from the Adriatic. July and August are the hottest months, with daytime temperatures around 25C, while during spring and autumn you can expect around 15-20C. Evening temperatures will be rather lower, so bring something a little warmer. The area does boast the highest rainfall in Slovenia (which is why it is so lush), so expect at least one rainy day.

Slovenian, English, Italian

Hiša Franko, Kobarid

We had such a fantastic time: the hotel was fabulous, the food was amazing and the staff were first class. We would really like to go back there again. We're now planning to have a family holiday in Slovenia with our childen.

I would like to say a big thank you for pointing us in the direction of Hiša Franko. We had a great week there, despite some dreadful weather, which precluded some of our walking activities.
The hotel, and its staff were excellent, and the food some of the best we have had anywhere in Europe. The contrast between the West and the East of the Vogel range is quite marked considering the small geographical separation. I'm sure we will be renewing the aquaintance at some time soon, to continue our explorations while being feted by the food and wine at Hiša Franko!

Hiša Franko was absolutely beautiful, the food was some of the best we had ever had, wine also amazing. Despite a few days bad weather we loved our holiday. And thank you for all your help and advice.
We loved Hiša Franko and Anna and Valter were very welcoming. Lovely large room and balcony and great atmosphere in the restaurant at night and great service. They always gave us ideas on what to do during the day and drew maps for us etc!

Hisa Franko was lovely. Food was fantastic (though not so good for a repeat visit for a vegetarian, as there was no choice of dishes). Wine was even better, with expert service to help us choose the best wine to go with our food. Service was top quality, and Valter was very kind and helpful in recommending nearby restaurants and water-sporting organisations. And Ana makes the best eggs with herbs. The room was just perfect, and we pretended that we were rich for a short time and had jacuzzis every day.

We had the tasting menu at Hisa Franko which was a real experience and worth the £100+.
The previous night we ate at the restaurant of Hisa Franko in Kobarid, and this must be one of the best restaurants ever, and is for sure worth making a detour.