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Hlebec, Kog, Prlekija

Before we got to Hlebec, we were told that they are the friendliest people in Slovenia. Yup.

Jeruzalem vineyards
Jeruzalem vineyards



The seven rustic guest rooms at Hlebec are properly simple (as they should be at this price!), but none the less comfortable for that. Everything is wood (no - not the sinks) and prettily furnished in the local style. The beds are very comfortable, and if you're lucky, you'll get a view over the vineyard out back in the morning.


Given that Hlebec is virtually at the border of three almost wholly carnivorous countries - Croatia, Hungary and Austria - it's a miracle there are any vegetables on the menu at all! But there are, mostly by way of huge salads. The kitchen is run by Milan's wife, Verica (pron. Veritsa), who will do all she can to feed you enough to last until you return. Whether that's after a day or a year, only you can decide. The food, by the way, is lovely-yum-yum.


Milan and his son Milan have developed their vineyard and winery into one of the best in the region. We tried just about every one of their current lovely wines, starting with a zeleni silvanec - a very rare local grape: very fresh but just off dry. Next was a renski rizling, which explodes in the mouth, developing into something very complex, with a very long finish. This was followed by another local grape, Šipon, at 12.5% comparitively strong for the area. This I could only describe as tasting of macaroons and toasted almonds: intriguing, it says in my notes. A really beautifully balanced wine. A self-filtered chardonnay followed - unlike any I had ever tasted before. Having been coached by one of Slovenia's truly great vintners, Čurin, one of the strong points of the Hlebec output are their sweet wines. As these were after seven other varieties, my notes are a tad blurry.

We can arrange a tasting for you at Hlebec, and many other wine makers in the region. Just ask us.

We guarantee the best rates offered by the hotel, at any time of the year.

25 euros/person/night B&B

30 euros/person/night HB

Price includes Buffet breakfast, daily cleaning, daily linen/towel change. Tourist tax.
Minimum Stay Two nights
Booking confirmation
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In brief...


Price/night per: Person

Euros: 35 - 40

Minimum stay: 2 nights



Wine tasting

Children's playground


Rustic charm

Traditional furnishings




Rolling hills



River sports

Wine tasting

Horse riding


Ljubljana: 120 min

Trieste: 200 min

Graz: 60 min

Venice: 240 min

Zagreb: 40 min


Lake Balaton: 40 min

Postojna: 150 min

River Soča: 240 min

Ljubljana: 120 min

In the summer, shorts, T-shirts, frocks, sandals (and sturdy shoes or boots for hiking, natch), something warm for the evenings and something waterproof in case it rains.

If you have 'em, bring 'em: one of the few independents with a dedicated play area.

Hlebec is open all year.

Prlekija is blessed with four of those things we see very little of in Britian... and they all happen largely when expected: seasons. Hot, sunny summers; misty autumns; snowy winters and the alpine flowers springing forth after that. Then it all happens again. Magical, eh?

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Hlebec, Prlekija

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