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Klinec, Medana, Goriška Brda

One of Brda's best vineyards provides a few rooms to accommodate those of you who want to know more about Slovenia's exciting wine industry.

Dining al fresco
Dining al fresco



The rooms are modestly furnished - but none the worse for that. Nice comfy beds, big splashy baths and walls, floors and ceilings that all meet in the right places.


The restaurant, which is very well-regarded - both in Slovenia and across the border - is only open three or four days a week. Sadly, in the six (!) times that we have visited, we have never managed to get a bite there. Still, Belica is just across the way, and there are a few very good dining options in the area.

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Minimum Stay Two nights
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In brief...


Price/night per: Person


Minimum stay: 2 nights


Wine cellar



Simple yet comfortable

Doubles or Twins

Full-sized baths


Rolling hills

Coast (nearby)

Karst (nearby)


River sports


Wine tasting





Ljubljana: 140 km

Trieste: 29 km

Klagenfurt: 206 km

Venice: 129 km


Lake Bled: 108 km

Postojna: 72 km

Kobarid: 52 km

Ljubljana: 120 km

In the summer, shorts, T-shirts, sturdy shoes or boots, something warm for the evenings and something waterproof in case it rains, for daytime adventures

More than welcome.

Klinec is open all year.

Goriška Brda leans against the Italian border and is just an hour's easy drive to the Adriatic, so you can expect very warm summers. July and August are the hottest months, with daytime temperatures around 25C, while during spring and autumn you can expect around 15-20C. Evening temperatures will be slightly lower, so bring something a little warmer.

Slovenian, English, Italian

Klinec, Goriška Brda

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