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Raduha, Logarska Dolina

A charming - and in places quirky - accommodation nuzzled into one of Slovenia's prettiest valleys, plus a very fine restaurant make this a unique holiday destination.

The Hayrack and Tree House
The Hayrack and Tree House



Raduha boasts two absolutely stunning types of accommodation, both of which were designed by a visionary architect.

The Hayrack - although it looks like a traditional wooden structure from a distance - is actually almost encased in glass, making you feel even closer to nature than you already are.

The Little Tree Houses are exactly that: an apartment in a tree, which is about as close to nature as you can get.

Both accommodations are fitted and kitted with the very best furniture, bathrooms and sleeping arrangements.

The main house also has five single and six double rooms.


The restaurant - one of Slovenia's finest - is run by the owner, Martina Breznik... as it was by her mother... and her mother before that. Oh, and her mother before that!

Start the day properly...
Start the day properly...


However, don't think that marks it as one of those 'cook it thick and serve it big' establishments so beloved of the tourist board. Here's what Martina says about herself - if you don't want to eat her food after this...

My credo: I am a lover of shapes, colours, scents and flavours. It is no coincidence that the expression “good taste” has spread into all branches of art and life. I do my best to make the dishes speak for themselves and for me. Through well-made dishes I try in my own way to convey nature to my guests (with a little spice of course). Constant imagination and inventiveness are in the nature of the chefs. As I want to combine my culinary knowledge, tradition and innovation, I am in constant search for new ideas and flavours. Tradition is a kind of wealth, for which I feel deep respect and try to pass on to the next generation.


Martina also offers cooking workshops - so why not get back from your holiday knowing a little more than you went with? Prices are around 130 euros, including five courses. Companions get to eat your food for 70 euros.

We guarantee the best rates offered by the hotel, at any time of the year.

Tree House or Barn

  • 1 night: 238
  • 2 nights: 218
  • 3-5 nights: 198
  • more than 6 nights: 178


  • B&B: 36/person (two sharing)
  • Half board dinner: 25/person
  • Single room: 41/person

Tourist tax: 1 euro/person/night

Price includes Buffet breakfast, daily cleaning, daily linen/towel change.
  • Under 3: gratis
  • Between 3 and 12 years: 50% discount
Minimum Stay
  • Two nights in 'ordinary' rooms
  • One night in either Tree House or Barn
Cancellation You will be notified of the hotel's cancellation policy when you confirm your booking.

In brief...


Price/night per: room

Euros: 72 - 238

Minimum stay: 2 nights

Free parking



Breakfast room

Central heating & AC








Rolling hills


River sports


Mountain sports

Winter sports


Ljubljana: 50 min

Trieste: 100 min

Klagenfurt: 100 min

Venice: 180 min

Zagreb: 100 min


Lake Bled: 60 min

Postojna: 60 min

Logarska Dolina: 20 min

Ljubljana: 40 min

In the summer, shorts, frocks, T-shirts, sandals (or sturdy shoes or boots if you're off walking), something warmer for the evenings and something waterproof in case it rains. In winter: wrap up!

More than welcome.

Raduha is open all year.

Summers are warm - July and August are the hottest months, with daytime temperatures around 25C, while during spring and autumn you can expect around 15-20C.
Winters can be very cold indeed, with deep snow sometimes between December and March.

Slovenian, English

Raduha, Logarska Dolina

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