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Hotel Vitranc & Belopeški Dvori, Kranjska Gora

Just around the corner from the popular alpine resort is the pretty little village where you'll find a brace of two even prettier hotels.

Double guest room
Double guest room


The hotel

The reason why we knew the Vitranc was good? The room made us smile. In fact, the whole place has been refurbished and decorated in a way that would make Grumpy smile: colour-washed walls with hand-painted patterns, beautifully finished furniture, simple but bright-coloured fabrics - it's as if Jocasta Innes has been let lose (and paid a lot). The guest-rooms are all individually decorated and each has an en suite shower room or bathroom, TV, phone and the usual stuff. Some have views of the nearby ski slopes in the winter - or just slopes in the summer. Outside there is a splashy brook, which is wonderful to fall asleep to.

Self-catering apartments

The perfect answer to all of you who want self-catering holidays in Slovenia. Just across the way, in another beautifully renovated building, is Belopeški Dvori. Just like the hotel, the apartments are all beautifully decorated and furnished, and each is equiped with everything you should need for self-catering... or if you're feeling lazy, you can get some hearty nosh over in the hotel restaurant. In other words, the very best of both worlds.

Apartment details


Apartment 2

Sleeps 5 + 2

Sleeping: 2 x bedrooms: double bed, bunk beds; sofabed

Lounge, kitchen, shower.

Apartment 3

Sleeps 2 + 2

Sleeping: 1 x bedroom: double bed; sofabed

Open-plan lounge/kitchen, shower, balcony.

Apartment 4

Sleeps 4 + 2

Sleeping: 2 x bedrooms: double bed, twin beds; sofabed

Open-plan lounge/kitchen, shower.

Apartment 5

Sleeps 4 + 2

SleepingL 2 x bedrooms: 2 x double beds

Open-plan lounge/kitchen, shower.

Apartment 6

Sleeps 4 + 2

Sleeping: 2 x bunk beds, sofabed,

Open-plan lounge/kitchen, shower.

Apartment 7

Sleeps 6 + 4

Sleeping: 3 x bedrooms: 1 double, 2 x twin

Kitchen, dining room, bathroom, shower.

Apartment 8

Sleeps 2 + 4

Sleeping: Double bed, twin beds, sofabed

Kitchen/lounge, shower.

Apartment 9

Sleeps 2 + 2

Sleeping: 1 x bedroom: Double bed; sofabed

Lounge, kitchen, shower.

Apartment 10

Sleeps 2 + 4

Sleeping: 4 x single beds in loft, sofabed

Kitchen/lounge, shower.

We guarantee the best rates offered by the hotel, at any time of the year.

Hotel Vitranc

Room Double/Twin Single use Double Family Two bedroom suite Economy twin
People 2 1 2 4 5 2
01/03/14 - 15/06/14 70 45 80 95 115 50
16/06/14 - 04/09/14 80 50 90 120 140 65
05/09/14 - 06/09/14 140   150 180 200 100
07/09/14 - 15/09/14 80 50 90 120 140 65
16/09/14 - 20/12/14 75 50 80 105 120 60
20/12/14 - 27/12/14 80 55 90 120 130 65
27/12/14 - 02/01/15 140   150 160 180 100
Price includes Breakfast, daily cleaning, towel change.
Price excludes Tourist tax: Adults, 1.27 euros/day. Children: 0.64 euros/day.
  • Children not older than 3 years - free of charge
  • 30% for children between 3 and 12 years
  • Cot: 5.20/night

Belopeški Dvori - self catering

Apartment One bedroom One bedroom One bedroom duplex Two Bedroom Large two bedroom Four bedroom duplex
People 2+2 4 4+2 4+2 5+4 10+2
01/03/14 - 15/06/14 75 80 100 110 120 165
16/06/14 - 04/09/14 90 100 125 135 145 205
05/09/14 - 06/09/14 120 140 180 190 210 280
07/09/14 - 15/09/14 90 100 125 135 145 205
16/09/14 - 30/10/14 70 80 90 105 115 165
01/11/14 - 10/12/14 - - - - - -
20/12/14 - 27/12/14 80 90 100 115 135 180
27/12/14 - 02/01/15 120 140 160 170 180 240
Minimum Stay
  • Vitranc: 2
  • Belopeški Dvori: 3
  • Note that during the Skiing World Cup events and Planica ski-jumping, the minimum stay is FIVE nights.
Booking confirmation
  • We will inform you once we receive confirmation of availability from the hotelier, requesting that you either accept or decline the reservation details within 24 hours.
  • If you need longer (while waiting for airline tickets for instance), please let us know and we will do all we can to accommodate you.
  • The reservation for each individual accommodation and/or full itinerary will be finalised once you received an email from us indication the the booking is confirmed.
Payment and Deposit We require no deposit, and the full balance for your stay will be payable on departure from your hotel. However, please note:
  • Our hoteliers and accommodation suppliers sometimes require a deposit to secure a booking. If this is the case, we will put them in direct contact with you in order that they can arrange payment.
  • Should you want to take advantage of current exchange rates, you may pay full price (for accommodation only) in advance. Again, if this is the case, we will put them in direct contact with you in order that they can arrange payment.
We - Slovene Dream - do not accept any payment on behalf of the hotels and accommodation suppliers we represent.
Cancellation You will be notified of the hotel's cancellation policy when you confirm your booking.

In brief...


Price/night per: Person

Euros: 38 - 95

Minimum stay: 2 nights

Near ski slopes


Babbling brook


Amazing views

ndividually designed

Central heating


Some balconies






River sports

Mountain sports

Winter sports


Ljubljana: 76km

Trieste: 149km

Klagenfurt: 63km

Venice: 225km

Zagreb: 228km


Lake Bled: 43km

Postojna: 135km

Bovec: 37km

Ljubljana: 96km

This is not the place for suits and high heels - shorts, T-shirts, sturdy shoes or boots, something warm for the evenings and something waterproof in case it rains, is best. You know about the winter.

More than welcome. If the village's delights don't hold their attention in the evenings, Kranjska Gora is just ten minutes away.

Vitranc is open all year. Book early for New Year's, World Cup skiing and Planica.

You might be in the mountains, but Podkoren is also sheltered by those mountains. July and August are the hottest months, with daytime temperatures around 25C, while during spring and autumn you can expect around 15-20C. Evening temperatures will be rather lower, so bring something a little warmer.
In the winter, expect alpine winter conditions (lots of snow, but the roads are clear).

Slovenian, English

Hotel Vitranc - Google map

Dear all at Slovene Dream,
Thank you so much for a wonderful holiday and particularly for sorting out our car hire for us. it made our holiday.
Slovenia is every bit as wonderful as you said and we will certainly go back. We want to visit all 3 of the regions we went to this time [Vitranc, Hotel Bohinj, Šeruga] and stay much longer in Soča, which was spectacular.
Thanks for your brochure. We will be telling everyone about you.

Hi Bob, just wanted to say a huge thank you for your recommendations - we had the best holiday ever and thoroughly enjoyed both our hotels [Vitranc, Belica]. Very different but equally superb!