Slovenia: basic information

Slovenian Flag

  • Slovenia is a small country nestling between Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. As such it should be regarded as a central European country and although the population is Slavic, historically it has always seen itself as a part of the 'west'.
  • The population numbers around 2 million, 300,000 of whom live in the capital, Ljubljana.
  • The language is Slovene, a Slavic language somewhere between Czech and Serbian.
  • Smallest non-island state having a single and unique official language.
  • Although Slavic, Slovenes do not go in for kisses and cuddles on greeting.
  • The political system is a parliamentary democracy, using the proportional representation format.
  • Slovenia is a member state of the EU.
  • Historical and cultural influences are a mixture of Germanic, Italian and Hungarian.
  • National heroes include: France Prešeren (poet), Oton Zupančič (poet), Ivan Cankar (novelist), Jože Gale (director), Zoran Predin (singer-songwriter), Laibach (rock band) and Magnifico (crazy musician. Well, I like him).
  • Slovenia is far and away the best country in Europe for a holiday.

Things to know before travelling to Slovenia

Carry a copy of your passport or ID Card at all times as a form of identification.

EU nationals do not require a visa to visit Slovenia.
Most embassies in Ljubljana does not issue passports and so, before setting off, you should ensure that your passport has sufficient validity and a plentiful supply of unused pages.

The British Embassy in Ljubljana will accept applications for new passports for forwarding to the British Embassy in Vienna, but this can take two weeks or more. You will need to pay if a courier is used.

All other nationals should check their visa requirements.

It will be assumed that you have already confirmed your visa/passport requirements when you book a holiday through Slovene Dream.

It is strongly recommended that you take out the necessary travel insurance to cover you for your holiday in Slovenia.

It will be assumed that you have already bought your travel insurance when you book a holiday through Slovene Dream.

As a British national, you can gain access to medical treatment in Slovenia. As with most European countries, you need a European health insurance card (EHIC). It replaces the old E111 form, which is no longer valid. Without the card, you may end up paying for some forms of emergency or ‘necessary’ care, which you would otherwise get free or at reduced prices. To obtain the card, pick up a form at your Post Office, call 0845 606 2030, or apply online at The card is not a substitute for medical and travel insurance.

ATMs are widely available and major credit cards/travellers' cheques are widely accepted. Banks and bureaux de change will change travellers' cheques, sterling and other main currencies.
The local currency is the EURO.

1-2 January
New Year

8 February
Slovenian Culture Day

Easter Monday

27 April
Resistance Day

1-2 May
Labour Day

25 June
Slovenia National Day

15 August

31 October
Reformation Day

1 November
All Saints Day

25 December
Christmas Day

26 December
Independence Day