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Architecture in Slovenia

Typically for the official website, their page about Slovenian buildings is called 'Architectural Heritage', and witters on about castles, manor houses and rural buildings. Given that one of the very few world-renowned Slovenians was a 20th century architect (Jože Plečnik), you wonder why they want to hide their 'Living Architecture'.

Don't read this first bit...

As you might expect in a country that geographically and culturally forms a sort of European crossroads, architecture in Slovenia is about as diverse as the landscape it sits on. Although a Bronze Age site in Ljubljana is the only early excavation in Slovenia, the 4th-9th century AD site at Tinje is a marker for the ethno-genesis of the Slovene people: the contact between the Romanized indigenous population and the immigrant Slavs with an enclosing Roman wall with two towers enclosing the Slavs... blah blah blah.



This turgid rubbish was copied from our original website, which in turn was copied from an official Slovenian site and goes to show just how easy it is to make something wonderful as boring as a mole's dirt collection. Here are some pictures that show you how beautiful some of the buildings are. If you get here and you're interested in architecture at all (that is, as much as me, which isn't much but I like pretty things), it's definitely worth buying a copy of the Architectural Guide to Ljubljana, by Hrausky and Koželj, to carry with you as you wander around town.

Outside of Ljubljana, just go and have a look, and ask.

Jože Plečnik

A lot of the later buildings were architected by one of the country's favourite sons, Jože Plečnik. Everybody loves him... except me. But I guess we can't all like everything.

Looks like a nice chap though...

Jpže Plečnik